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  • King of the Dwarves


    Skill: 68 Mining, 70 Smithing, 77 Strength

    Quests: Forgiveness ofa Chaos Dwarf, My Arm's Big Adventure


    - 2 Quest Points

    - 45,000 Mining XP

    - 50,000 Smithing XP

    - 55,000 Strength XP

    - New Royal dwarven gravestone available from Blasidar the sculptor (lasts 15 minutes and costs 500,000 coins)

    7.14 USD
  • King's Ransom


    Quests: Black Knights' Fortress, Merlin's Crystal, Holy Grail, Murder Mystery, One Small Favour

    Skills: Level 45 Magic, Level 65 Defence

    Reward:5000 Magic Experience33,000 Defence Experience5000 Experience Lamp for any skill level 50 or aboveKnight Waves Training GroundQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    7.2 USD
  • Land of the Goblins


    Quests: Another Slice of H.A.M., Fishing Contest

    Skills: Level 30 Prayer, Level 36 Agility, Level 36 Thieving, Level 36 Fishing, Level 37 Herblore

    Reward:3,000 Agility Experience3,000 Herblore Experience3,000 Thieving Experience3,000 Fishing Experience3,000 Strength Experience2,000 Prayer ExperienceAbility to purchase Dorgesh-Kaan Teleport SpheresAbility to pray at the secret goblin templeQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    5.39 USD
  • Legacy of Seergaze (Myreque Part 4)


    Quests: Darkness of Hallowvale

    Skills: Level 20 Construction, Level 29 Agility, Level 31 Slayer, Level 35 Mining, Level 40 Firemaking, Level 47 Crafting, Level 49 Magic

    Reward:3000 Magic Experience2000 Agility Experience4000 Crafting Experience2000 Mining Experience2000 Slayer Experience1000 Construction ExperienceTome of XP - Worth 2500 Experience to each of three skills of your choiceIvandis flailBlood TalismanPaterdomus Columbarium rewards (Vyrewatch cremating)New 'Vyrewatch' event in Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble mini gameQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    7.2 USD
  • Legends Quest


    Skills: 52 Mining, 50 Agility, 50 Crafting, 50 Smithing, 50 Strength, 50 Thieving, 42 Prayer, 56 Magic, 50 Woodcutting, 45 Herblore. Prayer 43 to protect from Melee strongly recommended!

    Quests: You must have completed the following quests: Hero's Quest, Family Crest, Shilo Village, Underground Pass, Waterfall Quest. You must also have 108 quest points.

    Reward:Access to the Legends Guild.Ability to wield Dragon Sq Shield.7,650 exp in four skills of choice (limited to certain skills).Quest points gained upon completion: 4

    7.2 USD
  • Let Them Eat Pie

    Required: None

    Reward:100 Cooking XP, 150 Thieving XP, Expensive spices, and 5 Meat pies, 2 free spins on the Squeal of Fortune.

    Quest Points: 1

    2.42 USD
  • Lost City


    Skills: Level 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting, be able to kill a level 101 Tree Spirit without weapons.

    Reward:Access to the Lost City.Ability to buy and wield the Dragon Long Sword (100k) and Dragon Dagger (30k) from shops down there (need a cut diamond to get in to this area). Note that level 60 Attack is also required to wield dragon weapons.Quest points gained upon completion: 3

    3.65 USD
  • love story


    Quests: Swan Song, Recipe for Disaster -- Sir Amik Varze

    Skills: 77 Magic, 68 Construction, 68 Smithing, 67 Crafting, ability to fight a level 246 mage

    Reward:50,000 Construction XP50,000 Magic XP40,000 Smithing XP40,000 Crafting XP30,000 GPUp to 99 Teleport to House teletabsAbility to alter House Teletabs to go to different Player-Owned House PortalsDark Stone house decorating style, 25% discount for employing servants, and ability to build Pit rooms in your Player-Owned HouseReturning Mabel's Ring to Mabel will earn you a lamp worth 10k XP in any skill over 60Cutting the tree next to Draynor bank with the banker in it yields a reward of 5000 coinsQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    7.14 USD
  • Lunar Diplomacy


    Quests: The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village

    Skills: Level 61 Crafting, Level 40 Defence, Level 49 Firemaking, Level 5 Herblore, Level 65 Magic, Level 60 Mining, Level 55 Woodcutting

    Reward:5000 Magic XP5000 Runecrafting XPAbility to Cast Lunar Spells50 Astral RunesAstral Rune CraftingQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    7.14 USD
  • Making History


    Quests: Priest in Peril and Restless Ghost

    Reward:1000 Prayer exp1000 Crafting exp750 gold coinsAn enchanted keyQuest points gained upon completion: 3

    4.81 USD
  • Meeting History


    Quests: Making History, Druidic Ritual

    Reward:A tome of experience containing experience in 3 skills.More treasure hunting around Runescape with the Enchanted Key.Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Merlin's Crystal


    Skills: Level 20 Attack, Must be able to kill a level 39 foe

    Reward:Excalibur SwordQuest points gained upon completion: 6

    4.81 USD
  • Missing My Mummy


    Quests: Prince Ali Rescue, The Golem, Icthlarin's Little Helper

    Skills: Level 35 Cooking, Level 35 Construction, Level 35 Crafting, Level 35 Magic, Level 35 Prayer

    Reward:5,000 coins7,000 Hitpoints XPQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Missing, Presumed Death

    Required: None.


    1,500 Combat Xp lamp, 1,000 Agility Xp lamp, 500 Prayer Xp lamp, Light/Shadow mask, Book of the Underworld, and 2 free spins on the Squeal of Fortune.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2.

    6.99 USD
  • Monk's Friend



    Reward:2000 Woodcutting exp8 Law runesQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    3.65 USD
  • Monkey Madness


    Skills: Prayer level 43 highly recommended(especially for pures), Able to Defeat a Level 195 Demon(ranging is better for fighting).

    Quests: The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village.

    Reward:10,000gp3 DiamondsAbility to wield Dragon ScimitarApproach Daero to train you in Attack/Defence and Strength/Hitpoints (35,000 exp each for the skills you choose, and 20,000 exp each for the others)Quest points gained upon completion: 3

    8.57 USD

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