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  • Glorious Memories


    Quests: Mountain Daughter, The Fremennik Isles, Royal Trouble

    Skills: Level 41 Hunter, Level 43 Herblore, Level 50 Agility, Level 57 Magic

    Reward:10,000 Magic Experience5,000 Herblore ExperienceTome of Glorious DeedsUnfinished astral runeQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    7.14 USD
  • Goblin Diplomacy



    Reward:Gold bar200 Crafting exp.Quest points gained upon completion: 5

    3.35 USD
  • Gower Quest


    34 quest points.


    15gp, Brassica Prime Godsword override, Cabbagemancer outfit override, Retro login home teleport animation, Cabbage pet and 2 Treasure Hunter keys

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1.

    4.99 USD
  • Grim Tales


    Quests: Witch's House

    Skills: Level 45 Farming, Level 52 Herblore, Level 58 Thieving, Level 59 Agility, Level 71 Woodcutting

    Reward:4k Farming XP5k Herblore XP5k Hitpoints XP14k Woodcutting XP6k Agility XP6k Thieving XPDwarven HelmetQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Gunnar's Ground


    Skills:Level 5 Crafting


    300 Crafting XP

    A pair ofSwanky Boots

    A lamp giving 200 XP in the skill of your choice

    You can get engraving tasks from Dororan in his house west of Varrock for crafting xp

    Quest points gained upon completion:5

    4.35 USD
  • Haunted Mine


    Quests: Priest in Peril, Started Nature Spirit

    Skills: Level 15 Agility, 35 Crafting and ability to defeat a level 95 enemy

    Reward:22,000 strength experienceCrystal to make a Salve AmuletQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    4.81 USD
  • Hazeel Cult



    Reward:2000 gp(2005 gp, if you do it the good way)1,500 Thieving xp.Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.35 USD
  • Heart of Stone


    Quest: Rune Memories, Carnillean Rising

    Skills: 35 Magic, 25 Runecrafting


    1,500 Magic and Runecrafting XP, 2,500 XP Combat lamps, Kipple Nano pet, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1.

    3.65 USD
  • Hero's Welcome

    Required Skills:

    60 Divination, 67 Mining, 62 Slayer, 67 Smithing.

    Completion of all Barbarian Training is also required in order to start the quest.

    Required Quests:

    Lunar Diplomacy, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio


    10,000 Divination experience

    10,000 Mining experience

    10,000 Slayer experience

    10,000 Smithing experience

    Access to Dragonkin Lair Adamant dragons

    Access to Abomination cave Bane ore rocks

    The ability to produce 5% more runes when Runecrafting

    Replayable Abomination Boss fight

    Access to Hannu, Emissary of V

    2 Treasure Hunter keys

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2.

    7.99 USD
  • Heroes Quest


    Skills: Level 25 herblore, 50 Mining (49 if you use dwarven stout), 53 Fishing, 53 Cooking and be able to kill a level 111 Monster.

    Quests: Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin's Crystal and Dragon Slayer. You must also have over 56 Quest Points

    Reward:Access to the Heroes' Guild.Ability to buy and wield Dragon Battleaxes and Maces.Exp in the following skills: Attack, Defence, Strength, Hits, Ranged, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fishing, Cooking, Herblore, Smithing and Mining (1325-3075 exp per skill)Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    5.69 USD
  • Holy Grail


    Quests: Merlin's Crystal

    Skills: 20 Attack

    Reward:11,000 Prayer Experience15,300 Defence ExperienceQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    4.81 USD
  • Horror From The Deep


    Skills: 35 agility, ability to kill a level 100 monster, magic 13+ recommended. Also access to the Barbarian Outpost needed (read at the bottom of the guide if you don't have access already).

    Reward:Damaged Prayer book4662 Magic Exp4662 Ranged Exp4662 Strength ExpAccess to the Dagannoth CaveQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    4.81 USD
  • Hunt For Red Raktuber


    Quests: Sea Slug, Cold War

    Skills: Level 45 Construction, Level 45 Hunter, Level 38 Thieving


    3000 Construction Experience

    2000 Thieving Experience

    1500 Hunter Experience

    Penguin Hunter Expansion

    Penguin Hide and Seek Bonus with Polar Bear (Chuck)

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Jungle Potion


    Must have done the Druidic Ritual quest.

    Reward:775 Herblore exp.This quest is a prerequisite for several other quests.Completing this quest allows you to play the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Mini Game.Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.35 USD
  • Kennith's Concerns


    Quests: Slug Menace

    Skills: Level 46 Mining

    Reward:12,000 Mining XP5,000 Agility XPQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Kindred Spirits

    Required Skills:

    60 Agility, 60 Crafting, 60 Herblore, 60 Smithing

    Required Quests:

    Missing, Presumed Death


    Completed Robber from the Darkness - Part 7 in the Mega May event.


    Access to a new barrows encounter and equipment.

    25,000 Agility XP

    25,000 Crafting XP

    25,000 Herblore XP

    25,000 Smithing XP

    2 Treasure Hunter keys

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    6.99 USD

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