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  • Death to the Dorgeshuun


    Skills: Level 23 Agility and Level 23 Thieving

    Quests: The Lost Tribe

    Reward:2,000 Thieving experience2,000 Ranged experienceDorgeshuun weapon special attacksEntry to H.A.M. store roomsEntry to Dorgesh-KaanQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Defender of Varrock


    Quests: Shield of Arrav, The Knight's Sword, Demon Slayer, Temple of Ikov, The Family Crest, What Lies Below, Garden of Tranquillity

    Skills: Level 51 Agility, Level 51 Hunter, Level 54 Smithing, Level 59 MiningAble to survive in WildernessClaim Varrock Museum kudos for completing Shield of ArraReward:15,000 Hunter XP10,000 Smithing XP10,000 Mining XP10,000 Defence XP2,000 Agility XPQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    7.14 USD
  • Demon Slayer


    Skills: Ability to defeat a level 27 Demon

    Reward:Silverlight Sword.Quest points gained upon completion: 3

    3.65 USD
  • Desert Treasure


    Skills: Level 10 Slayer, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, 53 Thieving, 43 prayer is recommended, especially for pures.

    Quests: Digsite Quest, The Tourist Trap, Temple of Ikov, Priest in Peril, Waterfall Quest, Troll Stronghold

    Reward:20,000 magic experienceAncient Magicks.Quest points gained upon completion: 3

    8.69 USD
  • Devious Minds


    Quests: Wanted!,Troll Stronghold and Doric's Quest

    Skills: Level 65 Smithing, Level 50 Fletching and Level 50 Runecrafting

    Need some armours and food, you'd better have around 100K in your bank for fast completing.


    5,000 Fletching Experience

    5,000 Runecrafting Experience

    6,500 Smithing Experience

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.32 USD
  • Diamond in the Rough


    Quests: Stolen Hearts

    Reward:2,500 coins, 250xp Agility lamp (Members), 250xp Combat lamp, 250 Constitution XP, 250xp Thieving lamp (members), access to the Kalphite Nursery, and 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune.Quest Points: 1

    3.69 USD
  • Dishonour among Thieves


    Quests: Missing, Presumed Death, Hazeel Cult

    Skills: 30 Agility, 30 Thieving, Access to Morytania, 61+ Combat is recommended.

    Items: Invitation box, some combat equipment and food.


    1,500 Agility experience, 1,500 Thieving experience, 500 Dungeoneering experience, a Combat XP Lamp awarding 1,500 experience, Jerrod's cape and cosmetic override, an upgraded Mask of Sliske, Tiny Hazeel bobblehead pet, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2.

    9.99 USD
  • Do No Evil


    Quests: Animal Magnetism, Dealing with Scabaras, Desert Treasure, Missing My Mummy (Senliten restored to 100%), Recipe For Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei), Shadow of the Storm, Smoking Kills.

    Skills: 50 Ranged, 64 Construction, 68 Crafting, 70 Magic, 70 Thieving

    Reward:50K Magic xp

    50K Thieving xp

    40K Crafting xp

    30K Construction xp

    The ability to combine 'speak' amulets

    A new magic carpet route to the monkey colony

    The ability to bring Chimp Ice to King Awowogei for further rewards

    The ability to pickpocket monkey knife fightersQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    11.15 USD
  • Dragon Slayer


    Skills: 33 quest points. Be good enough to beat a level 83 Dragon and a lesser demon(s).

    Reward:18,650 Strength and 18,650 Defence xp.Ability to wear the Rune platebody and Green dragonhide body.Ability to access Crandor through the Karamja Volcano.Quest points gained upon completion: 2

    4.81 USD
  • Dream Mentor


    Quests: Lunar Diplomacy and Eadgar's Ruse

    Skills: Level 85 Combat

    Reward:15,000 Hitpoints XP10,000 Magic XPExperience LampExtra Lunar SpellsBank with 'Bird's-eye Jack' (only) without a sealQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    4.81 USD
  • Druidic Ritual



    Reward:Ability to use the Herblore Skill250 herblore experienceQuest points gained upon completion: 4

    2.67 USD
  • Dwarf Cannon



    Reward:750 Crafting expAbility to buy and use the dwarf cannon.Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.25 USD
  • Eadgar's Ruse


    Skills: 31 Herblore

    Quests: Druidic Ritual, Death Plateau and Troll Stronghold

    Reward:11,000 Herblore experienceTrollheim teleportQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Eagles' Peak


    Skills: Level 27 Hunter

    Reward:2,500 Hunter ExperienceAbility to hunt ferretsAbility to hunt rabbitsAbility to use the Eagles for transportationQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    4.81 USD
  • Elemental Workshop I


    Skills: Level 20 Mining (30 if you want to mine your own coal), Level 20 Smithing and Level 20 Crafting

    Reward:5,000 Crafting exp5,000 Smithing expAbility to smith Elemental ShieldQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.25 USD
  • Elemental Workshop II


    Quests: Elemental Workshop I

    Skills: Level 20 Magic, Level 30 Smithing

    Reward:7500 Smithing xp7500 Crafting xpAbility to make and equip elemental mind equipmentQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD

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