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  • Icthlarin's Little Helper


    Skill: None.

    Quest: Must have completed Gertrude's Cat.

    Item: ~500GP, Tinderbox, 3 Waterskins(4), Willow Log, Bag of Salt (Slayer Master), Bucket of Sap (use a Knife on an evergreen tree with a Bucket in your inventory), must have a Kitten/Cat/Overgrown Cat, Amulet of Ghostspeak, Shantay Pass.

    Other: Ability to defeat Possessed Priest (Level-91), and an aptitude for puzzles would be an advantage.


    2 Quest Points.

    4,500 Thieving XP, 4,000 Agility XP, 4,000 Woodcutting XP.

    Amulet of Catspeak.

    4.99 USD
  • King's Ransom


    Skill: 45 Magic, 65 Defence.

    Quest: Black Knights' Fortress, Holy Grail , Merlin's Crystal, Murder Mystery, One Small Favour.

    Item: 1 Law and Air Rune, 1 Granite, Black Platebody, Black Platelegs, Black Full Helm, Iron Chainbody, Bronze Medium Helm.


    1 Quest Point.

    5,000 Magic XP, 33,000 Defence XP, 5,000 XP Lamp.

    Access to Knight Waves training ground.

    7.49 USD
  • Merlin's Crystal


    Item: Bread, Tinderbox, Bucket, Bat bones*, Black candle*. * obtainable during quest


    6 Quest Points.

    Excalibur Sword.

    Ability to do the Holy Grail Quest.

    4.99 USD
  • Monk's Friend


    Item: Jug of Water, Normal Logs.


    1 Quest Point.

    2,000 Woodcutting XP.

    8 Law Runes.

    3.79 USD
  • Mourning's Ends Part I


    Skill: 50 Thieving, 60 Ranged.

    Quest: Roving Elves, Sheep Herder, Big Chompy Bird Hunting.

    Item: 2 Silk, Bear Fur, Bucket of Water, 2 Toad Crunchies (Gnome Waiter, western wing, second floor of the Grand Tree), Magic Log, Soft Leather, a Feather, Restore Potion, Ogre Bellows (Rantz' cave), Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Dyes (bought during Quest), ~30 Coal.


    2 Quest Points.

    25,000 Hitpoints XP and 25,000 Thieving XP.

    7.43 USD
  • Mourning's Ends Part II


    Skill: High Agility is an advantage.

    Quest: Must have completed Mourning's Ends Part I.

    Item: Chisel, Mourner's Clothing from Part 1, Rope, 50 General Items or a Death Talisman.


    2 Quest Points.

    20,000 Agility XP.

    Access to the Death Altar and a Death Talisman.


    8.91 USD
  • My Arm's Big Adventure


    Skill: 29 Farming, 10 Woodcutting.

    Quest: Eadgar's Ruse, The Feud, Jungle Potion.

    Item: Climbing Boots, 3 Empty Buckets, 1 Bucket of Compost or Super Compost, 7 Buckets of Super Compost, Spade, Seed Dibber, Rake, Filled Watering Can (easier if these are stored with a Leprechaun).

    Other: Ability to defeat Baby Roc (Level-75) and Giant Roc (Level-172), 60% favour in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Minigame.


    1 Quest Point.

    10,000 Herblore XP, 5,000 Farming XP.


    Access to a disease-free herb patch.

    7.92 USD
  • Olaf's Quest


    Skill: 50 Woodcutting, 40 Firemaking.

    Quest: The Fremennik Trials.

    Item: Axe, Tinderbox, Spade.

    Other: Ability to defeat Ulfric (Level-100).


    1 Quest Point.

    12,000 Defence XP.


    4 Rubies.

    Access to the Brine Rat Cave.

    4.99 USD
  • Shade of Mort'ton


    Skill: 15 Herblore, 20 Crafting.

    Item: Tinderbox, Woodcutting Axe, at least 2 Tarromin (obtained during quest), Hammer, ~5,000GP.

    Quest: Priest in Peril.

    Other: Ability to defeat Loar Shades (Level-40), requires a team of people (World 77/World 377).


    3 Quest Points.

    2,000 Crafting XP, 2000 Herblore XP.

    Access to the Shade Tombs.

    4.99 USD
  • Witch's House


    Item: Cheese, Leather Gloves


    4 Quest Points.

    6,325 Hitpoints XP.

    3.48 USD
  • Between a Rock…


    Skill: 30 Defence, 40 Mining, 50 Smithing.

    Quest: Fishing Contest, Dwarf Cannon.

    Item: ~100GP, Pickaxe, 4 Gold Bars, Hammer, Cannonball Mould.

    Other: Ability to defeat the Arzinian Avatar of Magic (Level-75 - 125).


    2 Quest Points.

    5,000 Defence XP, 5,000 Smithing XP, 5,000 Mining XP.

    Rune Pickaxe.

    Access to the Arzinian Gold Mine.

    4.99 USD
  • Shadow of the Storm


    Skill: Level-30 Crafting.

    Quest: Demon Slayer, The Golem.

    Item: Silverlight, Silver Bar, Shanty Passes, Desert Survival Equipment, Strange Implement (from The Golem Quest), Empty Vial, Pestle and Mortar, three pieces of "Dark Clothing" to look evil. (Options: Ghostly Robes, Black Armour, Black Dragonhide, Black/Red Mystic Robes, Shade Robes, Dark Wizard Robes, Desert Robes).

    Other: Ability to defeat Agrith-Naar (Level-100).


    1 Quest Point.

    10,000 XP to a chosen combat skill.

    Darklight Sword.

    4.99 USD
  • Song of the Elves
    Requirements: Skill:60 Attack ,60 Strength,60 Defence,75Magic,45pray Quest:Mourning's End Part II,Making History Reward:20,000 AgilityAgility icon.pngAgility experience 20,000 ConstructionConstruction icon.pngConstruction experience 20,000 FarmingFarming icon.pngFarming experience 20,000 HerbloreHerblore icon.pngHerblore experience 20,000 HunterHunter icon.pngHunter experience 20,000 MiningMining icon.pngMining experience 20,000 SmithingSmithing icon.pngSmithing experience 20,000 WoodcuttingWoodcutting icon.pngWoodcutting experience
    16.71 USD

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