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  • Death Plateau


    Item: 10 Trout, 10 Bread, Blurberry Special, Asgarnian Ale, Iron Bar, 100GP.


    1 Quest Point.

    3,000 Attack XP.

    Steel Claws.

    Ability to make Claws and wear Climbing Boots.

    4.52 USD
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun


    Skill: 23 Agility, 23 Thieving.

    Quest: The Lost Tribe.

    Item: 2 Full Sets of H.A.M. Robes, any Pickaxe, Light Source (Bullseye Lantern or Mining Lamp).

    Other: Ability to defeat a Guard (Level 50) and three Guards (Level 28).


    1 Quest Point.

    2,000 Range XP, 2,000 Thieving XP.

    Ability to use Dorgeshuun Bow and Bone Dagger's Special Attack.

    Access to HAM storage caves and Dogresh-Kaan.

    4.67 USD
  • Desert Treasure


    Skill: 10 Slayer, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, 53 Thieving, high Agility for distinct advantage.

    Quest: Dig Site, Priest in Peril, Temple of Ikov, Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Waterfall Quest.

    Item: 6 Steel Bars, 6 Molten Glass, Charcoal (?), Ashes, 12 Magic Logs, a Blood Rune, a Normal Bone, a Silver Bar, Garlic, Pestle and Mortar, Cake, Spice, Spiked Boots, Tinderbox, 10+ Lockpicks, Facemask, Ice Gloves.

    Other: Ability to defeat tough enemies, over Level 150.


    3 Quest Points.

    20,000 Magic XP.

    Ability to cast Ancient Magicks and use an Ancient Staff.

    14.03 USD
  • Devious Minds


    Skill: 50 Fletching, 50 Runecrafting, 65 Smithing (or 64 with dwarven stout).

    Quest: Doric's Quest, Troll Stronghold, Wanted!.

    Item: bow String, Mithril 2h Sword (or 3 Mithril Bars), Large Pouch (in good condition).


    1 Quest Point.

    5,000 Fletching XP, 5,000 Runecrafting XP, 6,500 Smithing XP.

    4.49 USD
  • Dream Mentor


    Skill: 85 Combat.

    Quest: Lunar Diplomacy, Eadgar's Ruse.

    Item: Seal of Passage, Armour and Weapons, One Astral Rune, Hammer, Tinderbox, Pestle and Mortar, Various types of Food, Goutweed.

    Other: Ability to defeat The Inadequacy (Level-343), The Everlasting (Level-223), The Untouchable (Level-274), The Illusive (Level-108).


    2 Quest Points.

    15,000 Hitpoints XP, 10,000 Magic XP, Experience Lamp.

    Access to new Lunar Spells.

    5.19 USD
  • Druidic Ritual


    Item: Raw Beef, Raw Chicken, Raw Rat Meat, Raw Bear Meat.

    Other: Ability to defeat one or two Suits of Armour (Level 19) and pass by Skeletons (Level 22).


    4 Quest Points.

    250 Herblore XP.

    1.4 USD
  • Dwarf Cannon


    Item: Hammer (given to you during quest).

    Skill: 45 Magic, 20 Agility.

    Item: Falador and Camelot Teleport Runes.


    1 Quest Point.

    750 Crafting XP.

    Ability to buy and use a Cannon.

    4.42 USD
  • Elemental Workshop I


    Skill: 20 Crafting, 20 Mining, 20 Smithing.

    Item: Dagger or Knife, Pickaxe, Needle, Thread, 4 Coal, Hammer, Soft Leather (obtained during quest).

    Other: Ability to defeat an Earth Elemental (Level 35).


    1 Quest Point.

    5,000 Crafting XP, 5,000 Smithing XP.

    Elemental Shield.

    Ability to make Elemental Shields.

    4.42 USD
  • Elemental Workshop II


    Skill: 20 Magic, 30 Smithing.

    Quest: Elemental Workshop I.

    Item: 2 Elemental Bars (8 Coal and 2 Elemental Ores), Hammer.


    1 Quest Point.

    7,500 Smithing XP, 7,500 Crafting XP.

    Ability to make and equip the Elemental Mind Equipment.

    4.99 USD
  • Enlightened Journey


    Skill: 20 Firemaking, 30 Farming, 36 Crafting.

    Quest: 20 Quest Points.

    Item: Sack of Potatoes, 3 Papyrus, Ball of Wool, Unlit Candle, Gardening Supplies to plant a Willow Sapling, Secateurs (Magical or Normal), Red and Yellow Dye, 10 Silk, Clay Bowl, 8 Empty Sacks, 10 Normal Logs, Tinderbox.

    Skill: 51 Magic (Ardougne Teleport), high Agility.


    1 Quest Point.

    1,500 Woodcutting XP, 2,000 Crafting XP, 3,000 Farming XP, 4,000 Firemaking XP.

    Origami Balloons.

    Access to Balloon Transport System.

    4.99 USD
  • Fairytale I- Growing Pains


    Skill: High Farming is an advantage.

    Quest: Lost City, Nature Spirit.

    Item: Spade, Secateurs, Dramen Staff, Amulet of Ghostspeak, Druid Pouches (possibly).

    Other: Ability to defeat a Tanglefoot (Level 111).


    2 Quest Points.

    1,000 Magic XP, 2,000 Attack XP, 3,500 Farming XP.

    5.94 USD
  • Fairytale II- Cure a Queen


    Skill: 40 Thieving, 49 Farming, 57 Herblore.

    Quest: Fairy Tale Part I, A.

    Item: Dramen Staff, Water-Filled Vial, Pestle and Mortar.

    Other: Ability to defeat Goraks (Level-145).


    2 Quest Points.

    2,500 Thieving XP, 3,500 Herblore XP, Fairy Lamp (2,500 XP in any skill).

    Access to use Fairy Rings throughout Runescape.

    5.94 USD
  • Family Crest


    Skill: 40 Crafting, 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, 59 Magic.

    Item: 2 Cut Rubies, Runes to cast Wind, Water, Earth, Fire Blast Spells (Death Spells), Pickaxe, Anti-Poison Potion, Cooked Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Bass and Swordfish, Necklace Mould, Ring Mould.

    Other: Ability to defeat Chronozon (Level-170).


    1 Quest Point.

    Steel Gauntlets ( Which can be enchanted to either goldsmith, chaos or cooking gauntlets by the brothers ).

    5.88 USD
  • Fight Arena


    Item: 5GP.

    Other: Ability to defeat Bouncer (Level-137).


    2 Quest Points.

    2,175 Thieving XP, 12,175 Attack XP.


    3.79 USD
  • Fishing Contest


    Skill: 10 Fishing.

    Item: 5GP, Fishing Rod, Garlic, Spade, Food.


    1 Quest Points.

    2437 Fishing XP.

    Access to the underground shortcut between Taverley and Catherby.

    3.79 USD
  • Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf


    Skill: 17 Farming, 22 Cooking.

    Quest: The Giant Dwarf, Fishing Contest.

    Item: Rake, Seed Dibber, ~1,000GP, Pot (east Keldagrim Pub), 2 Buckets of Water, 2 Barley Malt (use Barley on a cooking range), Beer Glass.


    2 Quest Points.

    5,000 Farming XP, 5000 Cooking XP.

    2 Dwarven Stouts(m).

    4.99 USD

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